From the serene hills of Aizawal, Maggie on a trip to Kolkata to visited a store designed by us. This started out our creative journey with DCM. Working with Maggie over emails and whatsapp, from New York to Kolkata to create this one stop product store. DCM Designer Creative Mart

Store LED signage casted in wood.

Businesscard is often your first hello, your imprint and a compressed summary of your company’s persona. Let them be your conversation starters…laminated, embossed & texture

DCM branches in two verticals:
For the interior designers & for home renovations: Living redesigned
For your everyday impeccable bespoke product: Home living
Wood grains are replaced with Teakwood, Salmon and beige linen, seagreen ceramic and Mother of Pearl.

We believe when you put your heart and soul in your product, it’s only natural to show the same love to its packing. homeliving assorted, impeccably, simple, sustainable and subtle.

Maggie had chanced upon this light store that was designed by us! Avenue 48 (to know more email us) 


It’s the whimsical planned accidental curves that makes us love our work!