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Design & Culture, EVENT

Why a KDW (Kolkata Design Week)?

“Calcutta is a city with art baked into it’s DNA – right from our iconic yellow cabs, the magnanimous Victoria Memorial and down to the rikshaw pullers and jhalmuri vendors. From the beautiful eyes that adorn Kali to the modern offices in Sector V. We boast of Durga Puja, perhaps the most creative festival. There’s a sense of design, pride and individuality which comes together to form the sights, sounds and smells that are Calcutta. Hence a design week, a week dedicated to applied design seemed inevitable.”

KDW is an initiative to celebrate applied design comprising installations, graffiti, art lighting, and talks across public spaces, sports clubs, galleries cafes and stores.


With over 4 main venues and multiple pop ups, 10+ events sprawled over 7 days, the main challenge was to create a responsive design where ongoing events can be viewed as per the day.

“…Kolkata has always been the art and cultural capital of India, but it takes a back seat when we talk about applied design. The design Week is envisaged to be a celebration of all that is Calcutta, it is all inclusive, inspiring and inventive. At the end of the day the event is about the Calcuttan, the person who has contributed their individuality and made this city what it is.”

Kanika Ganeriwalla

KDW says it’s first Helvetica hello!

Simple and clean design that can be intervined with any venue & on any collatrals

A Brilliant experience designing and concepting this mammoth of a design week with a team of five co-founders. Executed with the help of over 100 collaborators!

Launch of KDW

We have witnessed great design weeks across the world and it was about time we had one of our own. Many Indians in creative roles across the country have their roots in Kolkata.
Venue: Forum Atmosphere
Video @itsblackboard

A glimpse of KDW19

Conceptualised & executed by the team of co founders, artists & the city of kolkata.