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Paper Trail stemmed from the idea of bringing a little art trail into people’s homes through innovatively crafted home products. Designed combining paint and print that was first conceived on paper sustainable upcycled materials and found objects to create one-off special edition pieces. Founded by Communication Designer Kanika Ganeriwalla & Visual Artist Sareena Khemka, both originally from Calcutta, the products reflect their experiences and ideas inspired from cities they have lived in providing an essence of New York, Chicago, Mumbai and Calcutta.

Lighting since 2014…
Invite for the lauch of Paper Trail’s first exhibit of hand-crafted lamps. A symphony of original art, design & recycled materials

‘TIGER, tiger, burning bright
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?…’


Night or day, this black & white barcoded tiger lamp shade is ideal for any time, room, or corner!

*A glimpse of Paper Trail


Offering Urban, Animal, Essential, Ethnic, Label & Organic collection, Paper Trail has something for everyone!
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A start up edition for childrens products.
So boys & girls get ready to fall down the

*coming soon


Hello little rabbit!

It’s a carry bag!’s a tote! Wait did that a bunny go in the Rabbit Hole!
We can’t wait to get a piece of this wonderland!