The Insite promise
Each species has been illustrated on the Indian map based on facts & where they might be found in abundance. Relish each illustration and try to contour their individualistic character traits!

e.g.: A little insite: Did you know the Andaman elephants usually find their way between island by swimming with their trunks outside the water to take in oxygen! …Find the snorkeling elephant on insitemap!


‘Hanging Species Encyclopedia’:
Over 200 species to start with, Ideal for education or decoration! The key on the map enables and works like a guideline, helping to identify the kind of species, their migratory and eating habits. Ideal for 3yrs up.

A little fun while you eat!

Made on the best ‘3m’ quality adhesive transparent vinyl sheets making it water resistant and easy to clean. Its di cut presentation enables it to merge with your wall color and appear like a painting! Get close and personal to create your own theme! Water ski with the dolphin? Or fly with Roby, the ‘India blue robin’ & Mini, the ‘small minivet’!

Gift cards
Do you think your ‘Aryan’ is a roaring Sher, or a mischievous deer? Is ‘Aisha’ a shy minivet or a diving robin? …Choose the apt species from our range of 200 for your child’s unique personality…!!