RU & CO.

Design & Culture, Real estate

Proudly presenting RU AND CO. an Interior design studio, based in Philadelphia. An intricate blend of classic and contemporary. Rupam Patheja creates an array of beautiful and thoughtful environments.

Brief by Rupam: know me first!..
What followed is an extension of her.

P.S: we can live in this gorgeous master bathroom!
Photo shoot:

website: Ru & Co.

The recline of printed cards.. ‘Whatsapp, social media, QR, etc…besides it’s environmentally friendly..’ can we agree to disagree? businesscard an imprint of you.
Envisioning your persona and vision in a micro space..

Spaces so personal and gorgeous that it made us want to renovate!

Greeting from RU AND CO.
The embossed logo… embossed to the dot… classic!